• The Latest Update The Latest Update Hay Day has recently been updated with a long list of new features which is sure to excite fans of the game. A new character, the entertainer, has been added. The amount of experience needed to level up has been adjusted. The garden has been redesigned with a new look and layout. The recipes f...
    • 6 May, 2022
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  • What Is Hay Day and How to Play It? What Is Hay Day and How to Play It? Hay Day is a game for mobile devices that was created by Supercell. Game is free to play and has over 1.6 million downloads. Game centers around the player's farm with the goal of earning and harvesting their crops to sell. There are three ways to earn in-game currency, which is called "coins" in th...
    • 2 May, 2022
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  • New Update Released! New Update Released! A farming game that is free to play, Hay Day features cute graphics, quirky sound effects, and an addictive gameplay. The app allows users to use their creativity to design and build their dream farm. Players can plant crops, look after their livestock, and create a number of buildings to sell to ot...
    • 27 April, 2022
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